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Our Vision

Odile Lecoin is an exclusive skincare line, thought and created in total harmony with Odile Lecoin unique expertise of Beauty.

Simple but precious products formulated only with exclusive and innovative ingredients for tangible and visible results day after day.

A vision of beauty with only one goal: to improve skin’s natural radiance for a glowing, firm and luminous skin.

A minimalist line of products to respond to each and every need of the skin. Basic and Essential products for daily use. An extreme sophistication. The absolute Luxury. A chic Parisian way of life.

Smooth with OR, je suis.

Hydrate with OR, j'aime.

Nourish with OR, je rêve.

Protect with OR, je vis. 

A 'Less is More' vision of beauty


We believe in a ‘Less is more’ vision of beauty – keeping a youthful look should not be complicated. An ‘effortless beauty’ is the new absolute luxury. 

Our products are simple and pleasurable to use, with proven efficacy yet gentle to the skin. We design every product in mind to provide the ultimate sensual and tactile pleasure that turns every beauty routine into a precious moment of indulgence and wellbeing. 

A luxury skincare brand that is designed specifically to help women revive and maintain their skin condition at its golden age by reversing the signs of ageing - an ode to eternal youth.

Our Commitment

0% parabens, EDTA, petrol derivatives (mineral oils, paraffin), or formaldehyde releasers.

Less ‘complication’ and more ‘pleasure’ in the skincare routine.

More ‘efficacy’ to prevent the signs of ageing and to deliver a healthy and radiant skin.

Our Mission

A vision of beauty with only one goal: to improve skin’s natural radiance for a glowing, firm and luminous youthful skin.


Our History

For more than thirty years, Odile Lecoin has been dedicating to create the simplest, most effective facial treatment in her Paris private practice. The proven result and her ever-growing numbers of cult followers have made Odile Lecoin a best-kept secret in Paris. Out of her experience has come a line of skincare that aims to revive and maintain the skin’s condition at its golden age. In the span of every woman’s life, there is a moment, a lapse in time, when she is the most beautiful inside and out – such as her Golden Age. ‘OR’ means ‘Gold’ in French, Odile Lecoin uses the word ‘OR’ in every product to emphasise the preciousness in preserving eternal youth. A line of luxury and easy-to-use skincare product created in 2001, designed to meet the essential requirements for her international A-list clientele. Seize the moment and let it be forever because every woman deserves to glow.